1,400 cubic meters of air per hour

Lucky 7 is the number of another school classroom at Primary School no. 2 in Pleszew, which has been equipped with RESPIRECO reversible ventilation devices. This time they are two synchronized Plug&Play devices installed directly in the the classroom, by one crew of fitters, in one day, with no hard construction works (chiseling, drilling, plastering). The most difficult stage of fitting works was getting the devices up to the second level. The rest, including making openings for fresh air through windowpanes went like clockwork.

RESPIRECO devices have efficiency controlled on the basis of carbon dioxide concentration, therefore it never exceeds the level of 1000 ppm and they are distinguished by low specific energy consumption, quiet operation, high air filtration rate and 97% heat recovery efficiency. In the classroom, there is no longer need to open windows, and energy savings for heating and ventilation will reach 60%.

The RESPIRECO system, with a maximum capacity in the “turbo” mode of up to 1400 m3/h, provides seven times the total air exchange in 1 hour in a class with a volume of nearly 200 cubic meters.

In the time of COVID19 pandemic, when increased air exchange in school rooms is a WHO-recommended way to reduce the spread of the virus, Respireco devices have a special role to play.

In the new school year 2021/2022, students and teachers in a classroom no. 7 will finally be able to breathe fully.