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The system can be installed in a single room or in a multi-room facility, with one or two regenerators per room (depending on the building design). Only the access to the outer wall of the building is needed. The basic and unique feature of the Respireco system is the possibility of using windows or existing gravity ventilation ducts (vent stacks). This is particularly important in existing, often historic buildings. No need to install ventilation ducts translates into a number of benefits and savings at every stage of life of the building.

Respireco does not require any additional installations – condensate drainage and protective heaters required for other ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Principle of operation

The animation shows the assembly system with dedicated KZN lintels and the principle of operation of the ductless ventilation system with heat recovery in an example residential building. 

The animation presents a visualization of air flow in a facility with specialized heat recovery. It is presented here, among others, high level of thermal efficiency of Respireco devices, which means that the air flowing into the rooms from outside is only 1 °C cooler than the air generated inside the building by the heating system.

Many installation variants

Respireco devices can work as free-standing units with access to a ventilation duct and in a built-in version, e.g. directly in the building wall.

The installation of Respireco devices can be implemented directly in window thermo-BEAMS, alongside with the facade blinds or gravity ventilation ducts. Examples of installations operating at the headquarters of the Stropex company in Pleszew.

Contact us, and our employees will advise you which form of installation will be most suitable for your building.

Installation examples of Respireco in an attic with a sloping ceiling