Pilot installation at Primary School No. 2 in Pleszew

The subject of the research is Respireco’s innovative reverse ventilation system with regenerative heat recovery (Patent Application P.426578). The tested Respireco ventilation system was installed in one of the classrooms at Primary School No. 2 in Pleszew. The Respireco ventilation system under study was installed in room no. 8. In order to evaluate its performance, the Respireco ventilation system has been compared with the mechanical exhaust ventilation with compensation of the ventilation air by means of wall vents.

The conducted research was in particular aimed at determining the effectiveness of the Respireco reverse ventilation and assessing its impact on improving the conditions inside the room: • keeping low CO2 content inside the room, • maintaining a constant temperature of 20 °C, purifying the supply air flowing into rooms, • reducing the heat demand for heating fresh ventilation air, thanks to the use of regenerative heat recovery. Download the ITC field report

Download the ITC field raport