“The use of ceramic inserts in heat recovery systems” – a scientific article in the Glass and Ceramics quarterly

In the pages of “Glass and Ceramics” – the quarterly of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Building Materials Industry (SITPMB), which is published by the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials (ICiMB), a scientific article was published: “The use of ceramic inserts in heat recovery systems” . The authors are: Andrzej Grzebielec, Adam Szelągowski, Krzysztof Bruzi. 

The study analyzed changes in temperature, CO2 concentration, PM2.5 concentration and relative humidity in a room where heat gains from people and devices as well as moisture gains exceed the design values. The study used a cyclical Respireco recuperator without a channel. First, the thermodynamic properties of the recuperator itself were checked, and then it was tested in a selected Polish primary school. The results show that this type of recuperator is able to provide proper climatic conditions in lecture halls. The use of mechanical ventilation with the use of a recuperator with ceramic heat recovery resulted in the reduction of CO2 concentration in the room by 50% during the classes. The concentration of PM2.5 was three times lower than in the room without mechanical ventilation. It should therefore be stated that

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