Unique RESPIRECO functions

We present the latest animations where we easily present the unique functions of RESPIRECO.

The RESPIRECO ventilation system can be used for the so-called night ventilation. In summer, the building, or rather its interior, can be used as a cold store, reducing the temperature in the rooms by intensive night ventilation, which is ensured by the RESPIRECO system. Then, during the day, RESPIRECO helps to keep the accumulated cool for as long as possible, while ensuring fresh air from the outside.

Another function that can be expanded with the RESPIRECO ventilation system is a globally unique function that limits a fire to a single room in its initial stage. The RESPIRECO ventilation system can generate negative pressure or overpressure in individual rooms, which reduces the supply of oxygen. Figuratively, it can be compared to covering a candle with a glass where, due to the burnout of oxygen, the candle dims and then goes out.
The whole process is presented in an easy way in an animation.

Animations showing both the principle of the RESPIRECO ventilation system and a presentation of additional functions can be found at this link.