But where to mount it?

Another piece of information. this time assembly, i.e. answers to where and how to install the Respireco system ventilation devices. We start the presentation with dedicated KZN lintels. The KZN lintel allows for the location of ventilation devices in the highest, optimal point of the room. KZN allows installation in the space obtained above the […]

Unique RESPIRECO functions


We present the latest animations where we easily present the unique functions of RESPIRECO. The RESPIRECO ventilation system can be used for the so-called night ventilation. In summer, the building, or rather its interior, can be used as a cold store, reducing the temperature in the rooms by intensive night ventilation, which is ensured by […]

Pleszew focuses on clean air

September is the time to return to school. This year it is a return with hope for longer and preferably permanently. September is also the month when a new stage begins for RESPIRECO. In school no. 2 in Pleszew, more air regeneration devices have been installed in classrooms. The topic of the conference, which took place on 09/09/2021, […]

1,400 cubic meters of air per hour

Lucky 7 is the number of another school classroom at Primary School no. 2 in Pleszew, which has been equipped with RESPIRECO reversible ventilation devices. This time they are two synchronized Plug&Play devices installed directly in the the classroom, by one crew of fitters, in one day, with no hard construction works (chiseling, drilling, plastering). […]

Respireco + EMO installation with a window

The Respireco ventilation device can be successfully installed in a window thermo-BEAM. See examples of implementations that we applied at the headquarters of Stropex Pleszew.

Pilot installation at Primary School No. 2 in Pleszew

The subject of the research is Respireco’s innovative reverse ventilation system with regenerative heat recovery (Patent Application P.426578). The tested Respireco ventilation system was installed in one of the classrooms at Primary School No. 2 in Pleszew. The Respireco ventilation system under study was installed in room no. 8. In order to evaluate its performance, […]

ITC has issued a technical opinion on Respireco

On 7 May 2019, the Respireco ventilation device received a positive technical opinion, issued by the Institute of Heat Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. The opinion was prepared by mgr inż. Adam Szelągowski and dr inż. Andrzej Grzebielec. According to the authors of the study, the potential of Respireco is unable to reach […]